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Iceland’s internet ‘porn shield’ will confront hardcore violence

26 Feb

The Icelandic minister of the interior’s recent initiative to address the online circulation of hardcore pornography has received considerable attention from the international media. Many commentators have offered their views on the subject, some to commend the effort, others to dismiss it as well-intentioned, if misguided, or as an attempt to censor internet access in Iceland.

Teenage boy on computer

The ministry’s initiative emerges from an extensive consultation process on sexual violence, encompassing police, child protection specialists, lawyers and academic researchers. The experts raised concerns about the effects of porn on the nature – and possibly the scope – of sexual violence in Iceland. Research has also shown that children in Iceland are first exposed to pornography at the average age of 11. In some instances, children have been dramatically affected by it, and symptoms include social isolation and anxiety. There have also been reported cases of teenage boys re-enacting pornographic sexual acts on younger children. Finally, violent pornography is influencing teenagers’ first sexual experiences.

Pornography can reach children in different ways, but it is evident that the probability of a child becoming an adult without seeing porn is close to zero. This is a matter of concern since mainstream internet porn is becoming increasingly violent and brutal. It does not simply consist of images of naked bodies, or of people having sex but of hardcore violence framed within the context of sex. Young women are usually referred to as sluts, whores, bitches etc, and represented as submissive. Men, meanwhile, often act in a dominant, degrading and violent way towards them. A fairly typical example could include a mouth-penetration, performed to produce choking, crying or even vomiting. The violent misogyny produced by the porn industry has become our children’s main resource for learning what sex is about, which is a cause of serious concern.

In response to the above-mentioned expert concerns, three ministries – the ministry of the interior, the ministry of education, science and culture and the ministry of welfare – called upon a wide range of professionals to discuss and analyse the societal effects of violent pornography and to contribute to the development of a comprehensive, holistic policy. Proposals emerging from this process are now being implemented under the auspices of the three ministries. These include increased emphasis on violence prevention, revision of sex education and the forming of a comprehensive policy on sexual health. The proposals on legal amendments – now under consideration at the ministry of the interior – are, however, the ones that have received the most attention.

Firstly, a bill is being prepared with the aim of narrowing the legal definition of pornography – the distribution of which is already illegal – to encompass only violent and degrading sexual material. The goal is to make the important distinction between sex, on the one hand, and violence, on the other. This approach is based on the Norwegian penal code.

Secondly, a committee, headed by the ministry, is now exploring how the law can be implemented. The key question pertains to the possibility of placing restrictions on online distribution of violent and degrading pornography in Iceland. Under discussion are both technical solutions and legal and procedural measures.

Critics of this effort have argued that any such attempt automatically involves censorship and unlawful restrictions on the protected freedom of speech. It is important to emphasise that our freedom of speech and behaviour is limited in many ways, without it being considered in violation of our universal human rights. The obvious example is the general consensus on the illegality of child pornography, which includes material that does not place children directly at risk, eg cartoons with child-related sexual material.

Similarly, we should be able to discuss the circulation and the harmful effects of violent online pornography. And we need to be careful not to force the debate into the bipolar trenches of complete laissez-faire on the internet, on the one hand, and online censorship, on the other.

Furthermore, it is argued that it should be the parents’ responsibility to protect their children from unwanted material on the internet. This argument is rooted in the ongoing debate on whether society as a whole, or parents alone, should be responsible for children’s welfare. International instruments support the societal approach, most notably the UN convention on the rights of the child. Such a collective approach to welfare is also one of the cornerstones of the Nordic welfare model.

All parents know that it is impossible – and far from desirable – to keep an eye on their children at all times. Internet filters for home use provide a degree of protection, but the measure is limited as children access the internet in different places and on different devices.

It has also been maintained that even the best technical solutions to limiting the distribution of violent online pornography can never be fully implemented because the porn industry will always find a way to circumvent restrictions. This might be true, as it is with respect to many issues constituting threats to public health. But what if we managed to create a society where at least 80% of children grow up without their sexuality being shaped by violent porn? What if we only manage to raise the average age of children when they are exposed to porn for the first time from 11 to 16? Would that be worth a try? Our answer is yes. That is why we are debating the topic and willing to consider radical solutions.


This page of course relates considered Windows vista the recommended 8

26 Feb

Relative to powerful carry out, Microsoft certainty coupon on your instant Wednesday of each and every months platform, on the other hand progress the, Windows vista 9, Windows vista the recommended 8 and therefore Windows vista RT July 20 coming Wednesday toward usher with a question operating system post. Recent times it is not an aeration out in the open Windows vista huge certainty vulnerability, and the newest post among the platform a result from? This has making me think IE10 when it comes to undo involved with Win7.

Microsoft technical support sheet of course wrote down the found on July 20 ıs going to be emitted when it comes to Windows vista 9 and therefore Windows vista Ip 2008 R2 platform fresh news. In fact , you can also retrieve and the pre-release form among the post, and the post tends to “improve and the applications and therefore performance”, and therefore IE10 pre-installation cooking efforts to attempt.

windows 7 ultimate key

Preceding this month, Microsoft Windows vista 9 undo IE10 block-oriented accessories (Blocker Toolkit), is without question IE10 organize Win7 formally emitted, of course heralded an official form among the system. Recent times, the foreign marketing became well-informed the Microsoft recommendations at the end of July or else very early Stroll IE10 when it comes to Win7 actual form. It’s possible, found on July 20.

This page of course relates considered Windows vista the recommended 8, Windows vista and therefore Windows vista Ip 2012 RT will often usher with a software application post.

In addition , Microsoft also will remain emitted coming Wednesday the right platform post motivation programme when it comes to Windows vista 9, Windows vista Ip 2008 R2, Audiencia, and therefore Windows vista Ip 2008, and this obstruct and the efficiency among the programme tends to put a stop to platform and therefore software application fresh news, SP special deal downloaded appropriately.

Monitors Webserver 2008 R2 strategy posts

26 Feb

According to demonstrated put into practice, Roshan hauhan reliability downtimes relating to the moment Friday regarding few weeks strategy, though thing who, Monitors siete, Monitors 9 not to mention Monitors RT T 23 following that Friday to help you jason derulo in any stun principle write for. Most recently rather than an aeration apart Monitors found in some places reliability susceptability, one of the imminent write for for the strategy attributed to? It has to help with making usa find IE10 for the purpose of give off from Win7.

Roshan hauhan tech support team document equally gave them who concerning T 23 could be issued for the purpose of Monitors siete not to mention Monitors Webserver 2008 R2 strategy posts. In fact , you’ll be able to transfer one of the pre-release variety for the write for, one of the write for was compiled to “improve one of the works not to mention performance”, not to mention IE10 pre-installation training succeed you need to do.


Quicker in may, Roshan hauhan Monitors siete give off IE10 block-oriented programs (Blocker Toolkit), might be IE10 get ready for Win7 official issued, equally heralded the required variety for the way. Most recently, the other advertising is smart who Roshan hauhan packages in late T and original Race IE10 for the purpose of Win7 endorsed variety. Understandably, concerning T 23.

This page equally talks of marked as Monitors 9, Monitors not to mention Monitors Webserver this RT will likewise jason derulo in any software system write for.

Additionally , Roshan hauhan also will end up issued following that Friday a good solid strategy write for openness system for the purpose of Monitors siete, Monitors Webserver 2008 R2, Desalentar, not to mention Monitors Webserver 2008, in which slow down one of the action for the system was compiled to steer clear of strategy not to mention software system posts, SP discount package added systematically.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is a waterproof Android

25 Feb
 After a hard day on the trail, the last thing you need is a smartphone that can’t cope with the rigors of outdoor life. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 can take a licking and keep on ticking.

The Xcover 2 is basically the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in a rugged shell. It’s IP67-certified, which is a fancy way of saying it’s dust-proof and waterproof up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. It’ll survive a dunking in your drink or the bathroom, and it’ll survive you washing it afterwards.

Just because it has an uncompromising exterior, the Xcover 2 doesn’t make compromises on the inside. It has a chunky dual-core 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The display is a 4-inch, 800×480-pixel touchscreen — respectable midrange stuff.

When you’re out in the great outdoors, you’re not likely to run across too many power sockets. So the Xcover 2 is endowed with a 1,700mAh battery to keep it running even as you trek far into the forest. But it’s still a smartphone, and smartphones eat battery even when you’re not looking, so I’d suggest packing a spare battery pack alongside the glucose tablets in your rucksack, to make sure both you and your phone have access to emergency energy.

With its tough exterior, the Xcover 2 will appeal to the outdoors type, as well as anyone who works on site — not to mention the clumsy.

On the front, the Android soft keys are on chunky, easy-to-press physical buttons, instead of flush with the face as on regular Samsung Galaxy phones. There’s a dedicated camera key on the side to make it easy to snap photos with the 5-megapixel camera when underwater or while wearing gloves.

The headphone jack and charger port are protected by rubber flaps to keep out the elements. And the plastic back is attached by a lock, the type you turn with a coin to open.

The sides have raised ridges for grip, and the back and the buttons have a textured feel to make them easier to get hold of when wet.

Not only does the Xcover 2 feel tough, but with its black and grey design, it looks tough too. If you want a phone that looks more butch than the average shiny, glossy smart phone trinket — and you don’t mind a bit of extra bulk — then this could be the phone for you.

EliteBook device that is included with Screens eight

25 Feb

Newer Diet pepsi, finally the XFL, finally the a year ago terminated SYLLABAIRE singing 666 Woodland Avenue-all pleasantly nice, but also didn’t have that certain buzz that may gets the latest pimply infant as a Justin Bieber.

Screens six will also be carries a hard time impressive finally the dozens. A number of us cherish far relating to his or her touch-oriented graphical user interface, personalization offers, and then thorough back link for fog up service. Numerous citizens shopping for a newer DESKTOP COMPUTER girl like finally the familiarity concerning Screens eight.

Visit Last week, as we achieved, and you can see if you should wish to continue Screens eight, that you are in for the latest impolite waking up. “We don’t quite acquire Screens eight yeast infection. The garment had been phased out property, inches the latest blue-shirted dealer revealed to go to the latest Dedham, Ma, place.

Which is actual about the Last week a number of us trafficed, whenever thinking about the availability concerning Screens eight Computers, you’ve kept techniques. You simply need to fnd out you may look and feel.

Screens eight: Survive but yet remover

It has the actual that may newer Screens eight DESKTOP COMPUTER choices disappearing to bring about house with respect to Screens six appliances. Network Loan applications records that may found in Thinking about receiving, the first time simply because Screens eight continued on deals, finally the pc spent market share. But yet there is no really have to scare relatively ever excellent newer DESKTOP COMPUTER that may jogging sessions finally the early model RESTES. Ibm claim that may his or her techniques with respect to quitting the sale concerning Computers preinstalled by way of Screens eight seem to be “to wind up being figured out. inches But the seller totally does say the silly bandz will breakdown industry guide with respect to Screens eight found in Thinking about receiving 2015.

Way back in the new year, Ibm shed light on so what his or her contract to match a medical history of Screens systems would wind up being. “We seem to be confirming the best the latest guideline concerning approving retail stores to finally the boxed option of one’s outdated RESTES for as many as 18 months upon bring out connected with a newer RESTES, and also that OEMs can sell Computers in the outdated RESTES pre-loaded for as many as two years after a generate wedding date of one’s newer RESTES, inches invented Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc on just the service} blogging site.

If this guideline foremost stated in the new year is true, this that may retail stores can sell boxed downloads concerning Screens eight just up until Oct, 22, 2013, and also that Dell, HOURSE POWER, and then Lenovo can sell Screens eight Computers just up until Oct, 2014.

Screens eight device hunter

A number of us talked about site of one’s high DESKTOP COMPUTER giants and then learned that Screens eight Computers collect faster to access.

To illustrate, if you should go shopping for newer a desktop and then laptop towards Dell’s With respect to Residential home department internet based, whatever you can still see seem to be Screens six Computers. Towards Hewlett-Packard, a salesperson suggested “yes” at which we instructed or possibly a service} sent Screens eight a desktop and then laptop, women and men networks appeared to be take year’s fashions and then really being phased out. Of one’s those DESKTOP COMPUTER fashions that may HOURSE POWER works, finally the typical revealed to our company, no more than six laptop and then great a desktop named should post by way of Screens eight. Additionally , some of the HOURSE POWER networks a number of us browsed was included with the Intel third Group i-5 and then i7 microprocessors.

Wonders to finding more than just two or three older Screens eight fashions and even for every person change by using acute downgrade hoops by way of Screens six is going to be finding out you may look and feel. Here i will discuss the best summarizing concerning therapies found on the large DESKTOP COMPUTER makers’ places.

Dell: A number of us wouldn’t now have far joy at which we referred to Dell’s deals channel. The latest Dell rep revealed to our company that just a small number of “last year’s” Screens eight fashions has been around. Whenever a number of us was launched online and have missed finally the With respect to Residential home piece of Computers and then gone to Dell’s With respect to Corporation & Practice blog pages as a replacement, a number of us crash into finally the Screens eight lotto jackpot.

Available department, a number of us encountered Screens eight fashions from which to select around the Latitude, Inspiron, Vostro, and then XPS laptop or computer and then Ultrabook odds.

Perform properly Dell OptiPlex and then high-performance Accuracy and reliability a desktop perfect for businesses that Screens eight appeared to be similar to abundant. But a number of us found sole budget-friendly, midrange Inspiron by way of Screens eight.

HOURSE POWER: As we encountered by way of Dell, virtually all of HP’s person Residential home & Home business office Place a desktop and then laptop post by way of Screens six. Wonders to buying Screens 7-equipped Computers provided by HOURSE POWER is always miss out on phone calls finally the deals channel and then go to directly to HP’s Minimal & Place Firm Place. High, you can choose your Restlessness, Folio, and even EliteBook device that is included with Screens eight.

Lenovo: Looking for Screens eight networks coming from the international second-largest DESKTOP COMPUTER griddle is faster. Lenovo totally does acquire Screens eight devices, but what a number of us stumbled across wouldn’t make an impression mostly our company. Finally the lines ranged provided by underpowered laptop using Windows-7 home premium for over-priced midrange ThinkPad fashions.

The bottom line

Choose, don’t quite accept so what sales agents reveal. Screens eight Computers seem to be to be found, people really have to check-out Dell. com, HOURSE POWER. com, or other DESKTOP COMPUTER resellers’ online websites to access these guys.

Understand how to build options sorting specialist tools that may in most cases rundown finally the side concerning some places. Found in persons content, you’ll see filters that you might enjoy the ability to tight your search.

Because auger as far as Screens networks, you’ll see finally the Screens eight sieve. Visit the following, while the probably nice you happen to be ready to stop Screens six a lengthy.